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Couple’s Waxing Hair Removal in Preparation for Honeymoon

Besides the big and colorful wedding that a couple gets to enjoy with their family and friends, there is the honeymoon which is the starting point of the marriage. The man as well, as the woman, will want to look their best and avoid embarrassing moments due to an intense growth of unwanted hair. The best option in such a situation is to get rid of the hair via the waxing hair removal method.

A couple that has never had a waxing hair removal in the past should ensure that they get their first experience in the hands of a professional aesthetician. This can be achieved by reading the reviews that have been submitted by customers who have had a waxing hair removal in the past. They should ensure that they settle for the spa that has the most positive reviews as that is the only way they will be headed for a positive outcome.

Once they have identified a professional spa they can trust with the waxing, booking an appointment with the aesthetician who will be carrying out the waxing hair removal will be next option. They should ask for photos from their past waxing or contact numbers of previous customers if this will be possible. If they are satisfied with the photos, they can proceed with booking the appointment.

The aesthetician will offer advice on the preparation for the appointment and tell the couple what to do and what should be avoided. The hair should be of an optimal length which ranging from ¼ to ¾ of an inch so that the waxing will be less painful or messy.

There are also medications that should be avoided such as blood thinners, retinoid creams as they will interfere with the effectiveness of the waxing. To make the waxing hair removal less painful especially if it is the first time, some over-the-counter pain relievers can be used before the waxing process begins.

It is important to have the waxing hair removal at least six weeks before the wedding so that if there will be any reddening or other side effects as a result of the hair removal, it would have cleared off by that time.

After undergoing a waxing hair removal, the couple should avoid extreme exposure from the sun as the possibility of suffering from sunburns is very high. The use of hot tubs, gym, or any other rigorous activity should be avoided for 24 hours after the waxing.

Waxing hair removal will give the couple a chance to enjoy their honeymoon days without the need to worry about unwanted hair. They will be able to show off their hairless bodies as they go out for swimming and other fun activities on their honeymoon.

Waxing hair removal should never be carried out when a major event is just days away as you cannot predict the side effects that may arise from the process. To keep the side effects as minimal as possible, seek the assistance of a professional aesthetician who knows how to perfectly wax off unwanted hair. Do not go for cheap spas in an effort to save money on waxing as the result will be equally substandard.