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How to Give the Best Massage

A massage therapist who has little experience will be afraid of making mistakes when massaging a client. This will make her remain tensed up during the entire massage which will be harmful to both the client and herself as well. Below are great tips on how you can overcome the tension as an upcoming massage therapist and give a massage like a pro:

  • Avoid using too much pressure: Some massage therapist will massage a client for only a few minutes and their arms will start aching. Though you will apply pressure so that you will be able to reach the muscles below the skin, it should not be too much as this will hurt the client. A massage should be a form of relaxation and not an activity that will leave the client’s body feeling sore.
  • Do it slowly: Do not rush to give the client a massage so that you can hurry to massage the next client in the queue. Being too fast will lead to the irritation of the client’s muscles and such a client may either look for another spa the next time he needs a massage or ask for another massage therapist to provide the massage.
  • Keep off from bones and joints: Do not massage the spine or use a lot of pressure on the muscles that over the ribs or shoulder blades. If you apply too much pressure on a person that has thin tissues, you can easily bruise them which will not be too good for your career as a massage therapist.
  • Always ensure that the massage oils that will be used during the massage has been warmed especially when the massage is being carried out during winter. No one wants to have a cold substance touching his body when he is freezing.
  • You should also ensure that you have stones in the freezer that will be used on clients who experience hot flushes. The stones will be placed slightly below the neck region to take the hot feeling away. This is usually the case for those women who are going through menopause. A cold stone will also be of great help for a person suffering from allergies.
  • During the massage, put a herbal eye pillow on the client’s eyes as a way of encouraging the client to relax as the massage is ongoing.
  • Provide eye drops that will be strategically placed where the clients change. A person who wears contact lenses will make good use of it. It is important to ensure that the eye drops will be provided in a single-use vial to avoid the spread of eye infections from one client to the other.

When a client comes to the spa for a massage, make her feel like she is the most important person in the spa at that time. Give her the attention she deserves and offer a whole-hearted massage and once you do this, you can be assured that the client will remain loyal to you for as long as she will be having massages. You will also be able to get many more clients through her which will be of great benefits both to you and to the massage spa.