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Renting Vs Buying Laser Equipment for Your Spa

When you own a spa where you specialize in laser hair removal, you may be wondering which the best option is between buying a laser machine and renting one. The following are the advantages that you will get from renting a laser hair removal machine over buying:

  • Saving: Renting a laser hair removal machine will be cheaper than having to invest in a laser machine of your own. When you are just starting off and your resources are limited, the best option will be to rent laser equipment.

A spa will require more than one laser machine if you do not want to turn a customer away simply because the laser machine in your possession can work on his type of skin or hair. Renting will ensure that you afford all the laser machines you require for your spa without too much strain in your pocket.

  • You will not have to incur the maintenance cost: the company that specializes in renting out laser equipment charges enough money to facilitate any repairs that may be required in the process of using the laser equipment. You can, therefore use reap maximum benefits from the laser without having to worry about the maintenance cost.
  • Room for advanced technology: When you have a laser machine and a new model is introduced in the market, you can return the old model and take the new model. If you had bought the old model of the laser, you would be stuck with the old model before you can get a way to dispose the old model so that you can buy a new model which will take longer.
  • Less risk: If you are in the initial stages of the laser hair removal business, you will not have to invest a lot of money in setting up the spa. You can try out how the business goes without having to worry about losing your life savings in an investment that you are not sure about.

Renting a laser equipment also hat its share of disadvantages; for instance, if the machine breaks down, you have to send it back to the supplier for repair which will take some time before the laser machine is repaired and shipped back to you. You will incur huge losses as a result as you will be referring your customers to your competitors and they may never come back.

If you had bought the laser machine, you would have easily had it fixed locally and continued with the treatment in no time.

If the business has not picked, the cost of renting a laser machine may be more expensive as you may not have earned enough to compensate for the price paid when renting the machine. This will result in huge loses which may not be recovered if the business does not pick.

Before you consider renting a laser machine, you should consider if it will be able to earn enough by the time you will be paying the next installment for the laser. If it will not fetch enough, it may not be a wise investment.